Location:  Kochi
Nov 19, 2023


  • You are responsible for defining and implementing the build, deployment, and monitoring standards for the organization.
  • You will be responsible for end-to-end automation of deployment, monitoring, and infrastructure management in a cloud environment.
  • You will identify security processes and workflows to build and deploy automation, support day-to-day operations by monitoring & resolving issues and automated deployments
  • You are responsible to create and manage the documentations - process and tool related • You will research, promote, and implement best practices within the organization  
  • You will monitor, prevent, and resolve incidents across multiple layers of the system (Infrastructure, security, application logic)
  • You will contribute to the organization’s security, backup, and redundancy strategies
  • You will need to evaluate application performance, identify potential bottlenecks, develop solutions, and implement them through the development team
  • You will define application vulnerability management, its tracking and reporting metrics  



  • 8+ years of IT experience and 7+ years of DeVos experience
  • Demonstrated experience with secure development, coding and engineering practices
  • Experienced in management and definition of security in the SDLC
  • Experience in conducting security checks - static and dynamic code analysis, application vulnerability analysis, penetration tests, security component analysis etc)
  • Familiarity with information security frameworks / standards like CIS, NIST, RFC2196, OWASP Top 10 etc
  • Understanding of virtualization & container technologies (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, EKS, AKS, etc)
  • Experienced in build tools like Maven, Gradle etc and package managers like npm, yarn etc
  • Expertise in securing APIs / Microservices
  • Experience with infrastructure as code tools like Terraform, Pulumi etc
  • Expertise in fully automating end-to-end CICD pipelines, from code commit to production
  • Experience with GitLab / Bitbucket / GitHub
  • Expertise with systems reliability, load balancing, monitoring, and logging
  • Excellent knowledge in networking technologies - OSI networks layers, TCP/IP stack etc
  • Strong scripting exposure - Shell scripting (bash and/or Powershell) Python, Perl, ruby etc
  • Experienced in administering & performance tuning of application stacks like Tomcat, JBoss, NGINX, Apache etc
  • Strong knowledge in Linux environment
  • Familiarity with GDPR standards     


Job Description

  • Airline/Aviation Industry experience
  • Domain experience in over-the-top media services/retail/e-commerce.
  • Cloud security certification in Azure / AWS / GCP
  • Experience in Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc
  • Work experience in SQL and NOSQL databases  
  • Cyber security tools knowledge - CheckMark/Frotify, Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, Mend (WhiteSource), Nessus etc 



Airline/Aviation Industry experience 


Desired Education

Any Technical Graduation

Desired Experience

Minimum 8 Years